Why CraftWork?


CraftWork is not a new idea.  It's just a new idea for Healdsburg!  As we talk with folks who have been to our website and want to learn more, there is one common response.  OMG!  This is perfect for me! 

While some of us need an office to focus on the task at hand (yes many of us are easily distracted by shiny new objects), there are other times when we need to be around other people to recharge, inspire or just take a break. CraftWork’s value proposition is not about just renting a desk. It's about the ability to work the way you want to work, when you need to.  To be in the zone when you have to focus, and then step out of your office when you don’t.  To park on a comfy chair to chat with someone new, have a latte or glass of wine in our kitchen while you read your email, or sit on the patio and think big thoughts about where to take your business next.

More than changing your scene, CraftWork is about being part of a community of folks just like you.   A recent global survey of co-working environments (yes there actually is one…see it here) shows that over 70% of people who choose co-working are collaborating or supporting others in the same space within a very short time. 

WeWork, one of the early movers in this space, state that within six months of joining 80% of their members are working or collaborating with another member. 

Are you going to get all those benefits from cubicle on the second floor of a renovated house?  We think not. 


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