What's Your Favorite Distraction?

As I talk to folks about Craft|Work – Healdsburg’s first co-working space, I hear a common refrain,  ‘I could work from home, but I don’t want to.’  Why?  For a lot of folks, being surrounded by people like themselves to inspire, collaborate or just provide a social break is an easy answer.  But the surprising answer, I hear more than any other is this -  distractions!  Reflecting on my own experience working from home for the past 6 years, I get it.


Yesterday, as I talked with another early-adopter-in-progress, the distraction of choice was the refrigerator!  Gotta love that one.  I hear all kinds of things – the pet waiting to be walked, the sales people that come to the door, the dishes that need cleaned or the laundry that could be folded.  For me, its all the little repair projects that weigh on my mind, and ‘if I just took 15 minutes now I could get it done.’ 


At Craft|Work the distractions will be good ones.  The coffee bar.  Thursday social events.  New friends and long standing partners to talk to.  Plenty of great food options when you want to take a walk and grab a snack or a meal.  But when its time to put  your head down and meet that deadline, we’ve got you covered.  A quiet place to work.  A desk and natural light.  Ready access 18/7.  


And yes, we will have a refrigerator, but we’ll keep it out of sight … until you need it.