Why and What is CraftWork?

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Starting in 2012, as we crawled out of the Great Recession, I noticed something interesting afoot. In cities.  In towns.  And in small communities.  The ‘truths’ that many of us grew up with – go to college, get a job, work for the man – was rapidly changing.  Initially told in Daniel Pink’s seminal book ‘Free Agent Nation’ something was becoming clear.  People didn’t work for themselves because they couldn’t ‘get a job elsewhere’.   They worked for themselves because they wanted to. As a result, whole new industries were springing up to help them succeed.  To allow them to follow their dream. 

Over the next five years I visited over 15 cities, leading a self-selecting group of developers and public officials, in search of one thing, How have communities emerged from the recession stronger, more vibrant, and more attractive to entrepreneurs?  And while each told a different story, one thing was common.  The increasing presence of a place where the small company, the self employed, the start-up or the new idea could gather.  Work. Share. Grow.

During these same five years I left my house each morning to grab coffee and conversation.  As I walked past what would become the future home of CraftWork, I could see behind its dated façade to the raw material that every successful cowork space had.  What the industry calls ‘brick and timber creative space’.  We just call it great bones.  Behind the bad color choices and worn carpet, I knew the DNA of something special screamed out to be given a second chance. And so the journey to CraftWork began.

In 2017, there were over 4,000 coworking spaces in the U.S. But none are quite like CraftWork.  We believe there is a big need in small communities.   In the age of the free agent, towns everywhere need a place with all the energy and collegiality that a well run cowork space brings.  But beyond today’s cowork model of expresso, cool space and hot desks, CraftWork is first and foremost part of the community and FOR the community.  A haven for those that Work, but more importantly are passionate about their Craft. 

CraftWork is a work in progress.  Borrowing the best ideas from over forty CoWork spaces  visited, studied or talked to – CraftWork will be something unto itself.  It has evolved through conversations and consultations with Healdsburg’s entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  We think we are on to something special.

Do you want to be part of this story?  Join us as we redefine the meaning of Work, by re-engaging the passion of Craft. Right here in Healdsburg.