Craftwork code of conduct

Flight Rules

(Stuff you agree to do upon becoming a member)



CraftWorkTM is here to build a supportive and collaborative place for its members to thrive.

We do this by providing a comfortable and flexible workspace, opt-in learning opportunities and events, and the chance to be part of a community of aligned entrepreneurs who love Healdsburg.

While we appreciate independent thinking and creative individualists, by choosing to join CraftWorkTM, you acknowledge there are - and you will follow - our ‘flight rules’.

1. Be a good person

Pay it forward, conduct random acts of kindness, play nice with the other kids in the sandbox. Yes, they are clichés, but they really mean something. CraftWorkTM is here to help everyone succeed...not for some members to win and some to lose. Be supportive of other members. Respect their need for space when they ask for it (or look like they need it) and provide support when they invite you to opine, suggest, review or collaborate.

2. Don’t be THAT member

Remember our members are here to build their business, meet some new people, have fun and work hard. But they are not here to be sold, solicited or cajoled into your business. If they want to do business with you great! But don’t use your membership as a place to ply your trade.

Respect others around you. Talk at an appropriate level. Take your long phone calls to the phone booth or outside. Avoid profanity and loud noises. Play your playlist or binge watch Netflix -- with headphones on.

3. Help us build a great community

Make the power of collaboration a real thing. You will learn and benefit as will other members. Exchange ideas, offer lessons learned, make introductions that will help everyone. Attend an event or two. Share what you know and commit to trying something new. Suggest programs and ideas to make us live up to our tagline – Local / Community / Workspace.

4. Come when you like, but don’t bogart the desks.

Each membership level comes with a different set of benefits, time limits and amenities. Find a membership that is comfortable and priced for you, but don’t abuse the limitations we have set. Let our community manager do what they do best – help us build a great workspace. Don’t make them play policeman. That isn’t fair to anyone, and no fun for them.

5. Nope. Mom is not here.

Keep it clean. Need we say more?

6. Dress for Success

CraftWorkTM aspires to the office for everyone else. We want it to be comfortable, and you to be you. But please remember some members will be meeting clients for the first time, making life-changing presentations, pitching big ideas. Help everyone keep a presentable atmosphere by dressing professionally. You can dress for the beach or camping on your time off.

7. Events. Most times you are invited. But sometimes you’re not.

A big part of the shared workspace phenomenon is not just the space, but the events and opportunities to learn, meet other members and hear a great Ted talk or life lesson. Our goal is to host 1-2 of these events per month. Some will be informal mixers, and some will be a themed program. As a member we want you to come. They will take place in our lounge space in the late afternoon/ early evening and may be distracting to those of you that are working. We will give you notice when they are scheduled so you can plan accordingly. Please recognize these are important and will take priority.

Another part of CraftWork’s business model relies on outside special events to keep our memberships affordable to the community. At a limited number of times, you will not be able to access certain conference rooms or the back patio. We will always provide plenty of notice and even when events are occurring you will still have access to your office, private desk or the lounge as appropriate to your membership level.

8. Change Happens

You are required to give us 30-day notice if you intend to cancel your membership. Keep in mind we are not required to give you the same notice if you are a bad actor and we must terminate your membership.

We will do our best to keep you up to date on changes to this agreement. Look to our website for the most current copy of any document.

9. Pay On Time!

Monthly membership fees are due on the 1st of the month. We will require a credit or debit card at the inception of your membership to be used by our recurring payment system. You will be charged your monthly membership fees on the credit or debit card automatically at the 1st of every month. Don’t forget to notify us if your debit or credit card expires, or you wish to change the account to which your membership is charged.

10. We Try Our Best

We will work to our best efforts to provide and maintain reasonable work conditions, consistent with these Flight Rules, professional in appearance, and accessible to you during primary working hours, These are initially set at 6 am – midnight, but subject to change after initial operational testing.

11. If you are unhappy at CraftWorkTM

We get it. Sometimes things don’t go well. You signed up and it just didn’t turn out to be what you expected. Thanks for trying. But regardless of what happens, please don’t make derogatory remarks about other members or CraftWorkTM as an entity. We always welcome constructive criticism, accompanied by suggestions of how to improve. Oh, and don’t gossip. It's a really big waste of everyone’s time.

12. The Lawyers made us do it.

Just to be clear, CraftWorkTM nor any of its members assume any liability with respect to your business endeavors, use of our premises or services, and participation in events. More importantly we do not accept any responsibility, and will not be liable, for loss of your property – business or personal - resulting from membership or use of premises. And we assume no responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of anything left at CraftWorkTM premise - locked or otherwise. Insurance is available to cover these issues, and we strongly suggest you buy some.